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I had no idea the Kickstarter campaign was going to be the most rewarding part of the self-publishing process.

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Knowing the printing costs helps you know how much crowdfunding you’ll need to raise for your book. Here are some rough estimates of how Kickstarter works. (Prices don’t include shipping, tax, and proof copies.)

  • 5×8 in. Paperback Trade Books

    Text-focused books for novels and poetry
    Example prices for a Trade Book, 252 pages:
    • One copy at £6.55 per copy
    • 100 copies at £4.91 per copy
  • 8×10 in. Hardcover Trade Books

    Great for cookbooks and graphic novels
    Example prices for a Trade Book, 100 pages:
    • One copy at £16.27 per copy
    • 500 copies at £12.20 per copy
  • 10×8 in. Hardcover Photo Books

    Perfect for Coffee Table Books
    Example prices for a Photo Book, 152 pages:
    • One copy at £51.67 per copy
    • 500 copies at £31.00 per copy

See how they did it

Peanut Butter or Jelly: A Story About Taking Turns (Or Not)

Peanut Butter or Jelly: A Story About Taking Turns (Or Not)
by Deborah Kelson

One of many unique children's books self-published via Blurb, this hugely successful Kickstarter staff pick is a great example of using crowdfunding to self-publish books. Kelson is using the funds to cover the offset print run, as well as the cost of shipping book orders.

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Cramp, Slash, and Burn

Cramp, Slash, and Burn
by John Scarpati

Blurb's flexible printing platform allowed this successfully-funded Kickstarter book project to offer different backers limited editions and various book sizes depending on the reward tier. And with print on demand, Scarpati's iconic photographs of the '80s California punk and glam scene are still available to any fan.

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Ovenbook By Fourneau

By Fourneau

Fourneau is a great example of a product funded on Kickstarter that offered a content publication as a reward. Printed in our economy magazine format, the publication doubles as a recipe magazine and companion piece, complete with backstory, to the new wondrous bread oven.

See how Fourneau did it

50 Books | 50 Covers

50 Books | 50 Covers
by Design Observer

The longest running design competition in the United States, 50 Books | 50 Covers is taking its winning book design concepts to the pages of a book that will accompany an exhibition in New Orleans. To make this possible, the competition host—Design Observer—is using a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and using Blurb for offset printing.

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