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      We have formats for any self-publishing project, including trade books that are priced to sell, photo books that offer options and luxury, and magazines for serial content.
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      Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we offer complete control with our free bookmaking software and tools for all skill levels. If you use InDesign, and want to convert a PDF to a book, or need a free tool, we can help.
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      Once you’ve self-published your book, you can promote and sell it in a range of ways, including in the Blurb Bookstore, on Amazon, and with worldwide online retailers.
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    Get your own dashboard to track your monthly sales for each of your Blurb projects and see them grow!

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Self-Publishing Books
Case Studies

Self-Published Cookbook Case Study Self-Published Cookbook Case Study


Seasonal Recipes Cookbook
Tool: BookWright, Blog-to-Book
Hardcover 20x25 ImageWrap Trade Book, 120 pages
Printed digitally on-demand
Sold on Amazon (through Ingram)
Base Price: £25.59
Retail Price: £34.99
Profit: £9.40
Self-Published Children's Book Case Study Self-Published Children's Book Case Study

Children's Book

Educational Children’s Book
Tool: BookWright
Softcover 18x18 Photo Book, 34 pages
Volume Printed digitally, 300 copies
Sold in person
Base price, £12.09 (- 25% Volume Discount = £9.06 per book)
Retail Price: £19.99
Profit per copy: £10.93
Self-Published Photo Book Case Study Self-Published Photo Book Case Study

Photo Book

High-end Monograph
Tool: Plugin for Adobe InDesign
Hardcover 30x30 ImageWrap Photo Book, 168 pages
Printed offset, 1000 copies
Sold on photographer’s website
Base price: £15.00 (includes shipping)
Retail Price: £59.00
Profit per copy: £44.00

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