How to Sell Books on Amazon

Learn how to sell books on Amazon and make your photo book available through the world's largest online book retailer.

  • Sell Photo Books

    Sell your photo book on Amazon—any trim size, paper type, or cover type (excludes layflat photo books.)
  • It's Easy to Sell Books on Amazon

    Set up your book title, description, tags—even a free ISBN—with Blurb, ready for Amazon self-publishing.
  • The Biggest Bookshop

    Your book gets its own product page and you get an Amazon Author page with your listings, blog posts, and profile information.

Get Paid

  • List Price

    Your list price is the total of the base cost to make your book, your profit, and Amazon's fees.
  • Fees

    Amazon charges distribution fees for each listing. Books sold on Amazon have a $1.35 fee per book and a markup of 15% on the List Price.
  • Payment

    Amazon will report a sale after the 30-day return window closes. We will process a payment and send it to you within 15–45 days if you meet the minimum payment threshold.

Easy Setup

Step 1: Make your book to sell on Amazon

Step 1: Make your book

Use our layout tools or upload a PDF.

Make Your Book

Step 2: Create your listing to sell on Amazon

Step 2: Create your listing

Choose a book from your dashboard, and click 'Sell my book'. Then set up a preview, complete your author profile, and write an enticing description for your book.

Set Up In Dashboard

Step 3: Set your price for Amazon

Step 3: Set your price

For your chosen book, set your price under the Sell & Distribute tab for the listing. Don’t forget your Profit Settings, which determines how you will be paid.

Set Up In Dashboard

Step 4: Promote your book to be sold on Amazon

Step 4: Promote your book

Embed a preview on your blog, then share your book on social media with a comment about how to buy it. Share excerpts in follow-up posts.

Set Up In Dashboard

Compare distribution options

Format Blurb Amazon Ingram
Photo Books
Trade Books
Amazon Ingram
Amazon Ingram
Amazon Ingram
Amazon Ingram
Tool Blurb Amazon Ingram
Adobe InDesign Plug-In
PDF Uploader
Distribution Blurb Amazon Ingram
ISBN Needed? Amazon
15% of list price, +$1.35
22%-55% of list price
Payment: Blurb Check or Paypal

Sell and Distribute

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