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"I could really afford to produce 20 books, one for each student in the class in which they would each have an end product."

– Rebecca Kee

Bookshop Quality Children's Books

Bookshop Quality Children's Books

We offer a range of children's book formats to publish your book and bring your tall tales to life.

  • Choose from a range of square and landscape formats on beautiful photo paper or portrait formats on regular uncoated paper
  • Make a gorgeous ebook for the iPad

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Examples of Self-Published Children's Books

  • Self Published Children's Book: Peanut Butter or Jelly

    Crowdfunded project

    Peanut Butter or Jelly
    By Deborah Kelson
    Photo Book (25×20 cm)
    Kelson’s successful Kickstarter campaign allowed her to tell her playful story about peanut butter and jelly on the pages of a high-quality photo book.
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  • Kids Picture Book: Huckleberry Hero

    Picture Book

    Huckleberry Hero
    By Abraham R. Chuzzlewit
    Photo Book (30×30 cm)
    Chuzzlewit wanted his design elements and large-scale illustrations to jump off the page in custom layouts, which is why he used our quality Mohawk paper.
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  • Children's Book: Susie Goes to the Seaside

    Children’s Book Series

    Susie Goes to the Seaside
    By Beverley Watts
    Trade Book (20×25 cm)
    Watts wanted to create an economical Susie series, so she chose our economy colour trade book format, ensuring she could reach a wide audience.
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Easy book creation

BookWright Showing in Progress Peanut Butter or Jelly  Children's Books


Easily self-publish your children’s book with a little help from BookWright.

  • Create a children's print book and ebook from the same file
  • Drag and drop pictures easily onto blank pages
  • Use any of your fonts in your print book

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Tips to sell and promote your children's book

Kickstarter Children's Book Tips for Self-Publishing

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