Sell and Distribute

Sell your self-published books how you want, where you want, and for the right price. Blurb lets you print on-demand and distribute copies through Amazon and over 39,000 stores.

  • Sell Any Format

    Sell Any Format

    Choose the best format to strike a balance between your creative vision and a price that works for your audience.
  • Flexible Creation Tools

    Flexible Creation Tools

    From glossy coffee-table books to device-ready PDFs, now you can design once and deliver often.
  • Distribution Options

    Distribution Options

    Create a book you can sell at scale through the Blurb Bookstore, on Amazon, and in over 39,000 stores with Ingram’s worldwide distribution.
  • Total Creative Control

    Total Creative Control

    Make all your own creative and marketing decisions for your project. Design something that matches your vision, choose the best printing options for you, and share it with your friends, fans, and followers.
  • Print As You Go

    Print As You Go

    Reduce your self-publishing risk! Order a single book to proof— and since projects can be digitally printed as they're sold, this eliminates upfront expenses.
  • Online Sales Tools

    Online Sales Tools

    Share a preview of your project on social media or embed it in your website. Sell directly through your personal storefront on and track your sales and earnings by channel in your dashboard.


Reach Your Audience

Find the best channel for getting your self-published book to your audience.

Get Started


Blurb Bookstore Blurb Bookstore

Blurb Bookstore

Sell your self-published book as soon as it’s finished! In a few clicks, people can buy your book directly from the Blurb Bookstore, without any listing charges or fees.

Amazon and More Amazon and More

Amazon and More

Your Photo Book can reach Amazon’s global audience with our one-click setup and seamless integration. You can also make your Trade Book available to stores like Barnes & Noble through the Ingram catalog.

Do the Math

  • Base Price

    Base Price

    Your book's cost is your base price. This is determined by your book specifications, such as paper and cover type, and the unit volume of your order.
  • Fees


    Amazon and Ingram have distribution fees, which are part of the retail price.
  • Profit


    You set your profit margin per copy, which becomes part of the customer-facing retail price.
  • Payment


    You can have payments sent to you monthly via Paypal or paper check, once you meet the minimum threshold.

Imagine The Possibilities

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