Our notebooks and journals are completely custom, cover to cover. Get started quickly and easily on your next personalised notebook or journal in our book-making tool BookWright.
  • Make It Your Own - Personalised Notebooks & Journals

    Make It Your Own

    Whether you’re writing, sketching, journaling, or scheduling, choose from three different book sizes and up to 480 pages.
  • Custom Covers & Pages for Personalised Notebooks & Journals

    Custom Covers & Pages

    Choose from blank, lined, square or dot grid notebook pages, combine with photos or illustrations, or mix and match to suit your content.
  • Keep, Give, Or Sell Your Personalised Notebook or Journal

    Keep, Give, Or Sell

    Print one copy or many, share it with family and friends, or list your personalised notebook or journal for sale through Blurb for wider distribution.

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Personalised Travel Journal Personalised Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Capture everything in a personalised journal by combining lined pages for storytelling and blank pages for illustrations and pasted ephemera.

Personalised Notebook Personalised Notebook

Personal Notebook

Take notes, draw or doodle, jot ideas, make lists, collect quotes all on personalised notebook pages—the space is yours to fill!

Personalised Yearly Journal Personalised Yearly Journal

Yearly Journal

Grow, reflect, and remember with a 365-day personalised journal in a single volume. Include quotes and prompts to keep you going for up to 480 pages.

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Notebooks & Journals
Product Details

  • Tools for Personalised Notebooks & Journals


    Make custom Notebooks and Journals by choosing “Notebooks” in BookWright.
  • Paper for Personalised Notebooks & Journals


    The Notebook and Journal paper type is uncoated, standard colour #70 text stock, with up to 480 pages.
  • Personalised Notebook & Journal Cover


    Choose from Softcover, Hardcover with a Dust Jacket, or Hardcover ImageWrap for your project.
  • Personalised Notebook & Journal Sizes


    Notebooks come in 3 bookshelf-ready sizes: 13×20 cm, 15×23 cm, and 20×25 cm.
  • Personalised Notebook & Journal Price


    Notebooks and Journals are affordable, starting at £10.79 for 13×20 cm Softcover (72 pages).
  • Selling Personalised Notebooks & Journals


    Sell and distribute the Notebooks and Journals you design for a profit in the Blurb Bookstore.

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