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"I had three years of photographs. I wanted a format to get them into the hands of my clients. I chose Blurb because it was easy."

– Neil Armstrong, Chef

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Cookbook Case Studies

  • Recipe Book: Raw Vegan on the Fast Lane

    Recipe Book

    RAW VEGAN On The Fast Lane
    By Alicia Ann Lip
    Trade Book (15×23 cm)
    Alicia chose to publish in our trade format so that her cookbook, featuring 23 quick and delicious smoothies, could be sold affordably on Amazon.
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  • Cookbook: The Insatiable Lens

    Food Magazine

    The Insatiable Lens
    By Jonathan Gayman Photography
    Magazine (22×28 cm)
    Jonathan chose to publish his cookbook in our affordable magazine format so he could show off his work to prospective clients while showing off his love of good food.
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  • The Essence of Wine Cookbook

    Wine Blog to Book

    The Essence of Wine
    By Alder Yarrow
    Photo Book (30×30 cm)
    Selected by The New York Times as one of the best wine books of the year, Alder is a great example of an author retaining creative control over book layouts and content.
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