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Cusan Theatre Books are inspired by Tanya Cusan-Espinosa Colombian roots and artistic background, she brings to life incredible characters, introducing the audience to some amazing mythological creatures inspired by Latin American culture and her mother's stories and poems.

Los libros de Teatro Cusan son libros en dos idiomas escritos en Español y traducidos al Inglés, están inspirados en las raíces Colombianas de Tanya Cusan-Espinosa y sus antecedentes artísticos y familiares donde le da vida a personajes increíbles, presentando al público asombrosas criaturas mitológicas inspiradas en su vida, su cultura latinoamericana y las historias y poemas de su madre Cecilia Espinosa de Cusan.

Her family history is part of the global story of migration.Her father left the Czech Republic to settle in South America before she was born and subsequently, Tanya returned to Europe to settle in the UK.

Areas of Expertise

Tanya Cusan-Espinosa of Cusan Theatre

Born in Colombia, South America, is a performing artist, storyteller and creative practitioner based in Leeds , UK.

Her career has encompassed a variety of skills that range from dance theatre to singer, puppeteer and puppet maker. She has inspired thousands of children and adults with her wonderful, visual performances which have transformed storytelling in many schools in the UK and in Colombia.

Her books are in Spanish and English.

Books by Cusan Theatre