E. Mark Windle


Mark Windle is life long record collector on the rare soul scene and author of a number of books dedicated to preserving soul music history, with a special interest in 1960s southern soul.
He is the owner of A Nickel And A Nail, a retail company specialising in books, magazines, fanzines, vintage sheet music, vinyl records and memorabilia related to the soul, blues and jazz music industry.
Mark also offers a freelance writing service for artists, musicians , record labels and media in the music industry. Work undertaken includes full book projects, biographies, articles, website / social media copy and column series writing. A range of options for book manuscript provision can be offered such as a ghost-writing service, co-authorship or independent work. Enquiries to discuss potential projects and collaborations can be made through the 'contact us' page at A Nickel And A Nail.

Books by E. Mark Windle