Harold and Shawne Ebersole


Harold (Goehring) Ebersole grew up as a missionary kid in Bangladesh and then the Philippines. Shawne (Gelina) Ebersole grew up as a pastor’s kid in America. Both tell stories of God’s astonishing power. They have defined the joy of serving Jesus as life full of adventure. For thirty action-packed years, they have worked in South Asia. Recently, however, God’s plans have taken them through cancer and then COVID, to hospitals and beyond. It seems that they’re running through dangerous, new territory. Yet they know that He Who is faithful chose them, He’s marked out this race, and He’s pacing them step by step. Through it all, they see His good plan, depend on His grace, and look to Him Who waves them – and us all- in at the finish line.

Books by Harold and Shawne Ebersole

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