Robin Weaver

Ashbourne, Derbyshire, UK

For 25 years I worked as a photographer on various provincial newspapers – first in South Wales during the 1970s, followed by stints in Kent, Hampshire and Derby. While living in Sydney during a two-year travelling break, I worked as a freelance for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.
In the 1990s I started freelancing in Derby and started taking my photography in a different direction, doing travel articles with my wife, the writer Helen Werin, and selling landscape and travel photographs to magazines and newspapers.
I retired in 2019 and continue to travel and work on my personal photography projects. After 40 years in my files, my old photographs from South Wales in the 1970s have gained a new lease of life with the publication of my book A Different Country. The book continues to sell well and the images are also popular as prints which are available through my website.

Books by Robin Weaver