Dennis Moore

808 Val de Vie Estate, Paarl 7646, South Africa

A well known South African Railway Photographer and the author of two best selling books on South African steam locomotives , ' The Sunset Of Steam' and 'The Shimmer of Steel'. His photography has won several awards & has featured in exhibitions, on calendars and contributions to other Authors' books. He has also published 57 (mostly) landscape format books at (India, China, Zimbabwe, East & West Germany, U.K. industrial, isle of Man as well as the most extraordinary coverage of all things 'South African steam'). Superb photography and design abound. A well known exponent of night, silhouette and glint photography,the Author includes many examples of such work, but the scope is broad, covering the conventional and unusual approach to Steam photography. Lively anecdotal text, expanded captions, maps etc are included. All Blurb books may be viewed (preview), in full, and for free. Contact : phone +27 [0]21 879 0308 , e-mail

Books by Dennis Moore