Cello Wattley

Fayetteville, Georgia

Cello Wattley: The Adventurous Author!

Meet Cello Wattley, a funny and smart 5-year-old boy who loves writing books in his series, "The Adventures of Cello." He's also a gymnast, a brother, and a son. Cello's mom and dad, who are doctors, teach him to be kind and helpful to others.

Cello is lucky to have two sets of grandparents who spoil him, but he appreciates them and enjoys spending time with them. He loves his funny brother, Austin, and his silly sister, Kaylee. Cello makes friends easily and enjoys playing dinosaurs at the park.

In his backyard, Cello is adventurous, swimming, and running around, proclaiming, "I am the KING of the world!" With his imagination, he writes exciting stories that make kids giggle and dream big.

Cello Wattley is an inspiration, reminding us to be kind, imaginative, and follow our dreams. Get ready for more adventures with Cello, the talented and adventurous author!

Books by Cello Wattley