nikolitsa boutieros

New YOrk

Born in Manhattan, raised in Chapel Hill NC, relocated back to New York where she now currently resides.

Her first camera experience was when she returned a faulty laptop and exchanged it for what has become the love of her life.

Started her photography journey by taking pictures of performances of friends and others, and sent them to the performers via email. The responses were filled with gratitude. This led to her celebrity photo collection of live performances of Juliette Lewis, Patti Smith, Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots, Imani Coppola and Nick Cave. Also, to her credit jazz artist’s Ted Nash, Robert Aaron, and Ivette Dumeng album covers.

Her photographs have been included in numerous group exhibitions and publications including Pen and Brush’s “In Your Dreams” and “Body Image.” Time Out Magazines and

“My main focus is to capture the truest essence of the person,place, or thing with honesty and heart. Taking photos is a mysterious adventure of

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