I began serious photography over 50 years ago with a twin-lens reflex, processing monochrome prints in my own darkroom; but then switched to colour and SLR cameras. Having moved to DSLR I currently have a Nikon D5100 with 18-105 mm f.3.5 lens, and both 50 mm and 35 mm f.1.8 lenses; and I am well versed in Photoshop editing. Having retired, I embarked on model photography and really enjoy working 1:1 to build rapport and create something beautiful. Since spring 2011, I have enjoyed over 250 shoots with more than 100 delightful girls, though I am cutting back on the number of shoots and largely working with 8-10 models on a regular basis. I do have a great sense of fun which most models value – shoots with me are rarely boring. At the moment my major project is creating a series of photo books covering historical costume from medieval to early twentieth century.

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