Bernardo Galmarini

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Professional travel photographer. Studied Design of Image and Sound (University of Buenos Aires) and some years of Mathematics (U.B.A).
Since 2001 works in some T.V programs as Lighting Director and Cameraman, and as a Stereoscopy consultant for companies in USA, Latin America and Europe.

From 2005 up to date, he works intensivelly as a freelance Stock photographer for several "Stock Libraries" in Europe and Argentina ( His photographs have been Published in several books, travel guides, newspapers, magazines and brochures, like: The New York Post (USA); Digital Photo Magazine (USA); Photo Plus Magazine (U.K); Svet Magazine (Cezch Republic); Cover and inside of "Lugares Mágicos" Magazine (ECOS de España y Latinoamerica- Germany, 2012); Geo Magazine (Spain, 2011); National Geographic (Web site and On-board book "Patagonia 2012"); Home Page of; Micehlin Travel Guide, between others.
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