Papi & El Choco


Papi, originally from Puerto Rico, has been a passionate filmmaker since his teenage years. His films have not only amassed millions of views on the internet but have also been showcased from the gritty walls of alleyways to the refined screening rooms at the Cannes Film Market, even being broadcasted on international TV networks.

However, the birth of his child, El Choco, brought a shift in Papi's focus. With El Choco's deep-seated love for books, Papi transformed a story they co-wrote into a professionally illustrated and printed book for El Choco’s birthday, titled "The Adventures of Koko Sisi and Kiki Pupu." This book was not only cherished by El Choco but also became popular among his friends, leading to its sale of 100 copies. Encouraged by this, Papi is now venturing into the realm of children's books. He is currently crafting the second issue of "Koko Sisi and Kiki Pupu" from his residence in Quebec.

Books by Papi & El Choco