Daniel Naporsky

Yonkers, New York, U.S.A

Hey, if you havent heard, your boy came out with his first book, it's a fictional novel comprised of nine seperate short stories. They range from teenage life in the city, mexican stand-offs two centuries ago, epic conflict between right and wrong dragged out through the human soul, and finishing with a look into the stollen youth of the vietnam era. It's easy reading, and extremely enjoyable, check it out, "The Flip Side" only at

I was born in January of 1984, St John's Hospital, Yonkers, NY. I grew up on the middle part of Elm street until I was around twelve. From their we relocated to Lockwood avenue, and this is where i would spend my teenage life. I began writing poetry and short fictional stories in high school. It gave me the chance to escape the life I lived in the real world. When I got to college, I attended night classes at Roosevelt High School for Westchester Community Collge. And this is where I truly became a writer. I took mostly creative writing

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