Danny L. Hale

Russellville, AR

Danny has been traipsing around the woods of Arkansas for a long time, but not as a hiker. He spent over 35 years as a Professional Land Surveyor, surveying in and around the Russellville, Arkansas area. It was not until he and his wife, Brenda, in 1996, met with their friend, Dr. Robert Chester, on Cave Mountain in Newton County, that they went hiking for the first time. This soon became a passion for Danny and Brenda and after starting a hiking club in 1999, with their friends, Becky and Steve Hern, and after several years of leading hikes, Danny had another passion, to write a "different" kind of hiking book. These books are a result of that passion and included are many of the remote and wild places.
At the time of his latest publication (2024), Danny has led over 710 hikes, had over 13000 hikers and hiked over 3125 miles on these hikes. These books contain a small sampling of the great Arkansas Ozarks and Ouachita's. Get out and discover it today.

Books by Danny L. Hale