David S. Rose

Palm Springs, CA

Growing up in the wet Pacific Northwest, DaVidRo spent many rainy days indoors where he took crayons to the wall and paint to the floor. He realized that colors, shapes and textures rocked his world. For his junior year of high school he packed his bags and headed off to Japan as an exchange student. He was strongly influenced by the Japanese sense of style. During his college years he studied art and design at Portland State University, Oregon State University, Art Institute of Oregon, School of Visual Arts in New York City and an art & music course in London. In 2011, he once again packed his bags and ventured south to the desert. He acquired the DaVidRo nickname while a designer at Stanford University. In his free time he likes to travel, explore, cook, eat, laugh and create art of all kinds including really cool books!

Books by David S. Rose