David Humphrey

Durham, North East UK

David (N) Humphrey writes books featuring medieval mercenary called Valguard, once described as ‘medieval violence with a touch of magic’ and in many ways feel like a kind of ‘medieval Western’ (or Northern as it's always cold, not sunny). My stories sit in the area where the two genres of of Historical Fiction and Fantasy overlap in the Venn diagram of genres. I like to think of it as ‘Swordpunk’. My first four novellas (Knight of Coins, The Chariot, Sanctuary & Queen of Cups) are collected in SHORT SWORDS and my first novel is the medieval horror, VAMPIRE NIGHT.

I also have published my illustrations here including children's book TEDDY BEAR PIRATE which I wrote with my daughter and the complete adventures of Sam Sherriff in the BAD TYPE compendium.

Books by David Humphrey