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Cool Media Productions is currently publishing books by Jeannine Davidoff. These are 7 titles that Jeannine has published in 2024, with 30+ publications coming over the next while. Jeannine's current books showcase her art, poetry, photography, graphic design. The future publications include novels, children's books, gardening and permaculture books.

The seven publications are titled as follows:

The Lost and Stolen Art of Jeannine Davidoff Volume 1
The Lost and Stolen Art of Jeannine Davidoff Volume 2
Collage Obsession
Fantastic Flowers Volume 1
Fantastic Flowers Volume 2
Wonderful Wildlife

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Areas of Expertise

Jeannine has a wide diversity of expertise. She is a permaculture facilitator, artist, poet, writer, freelance journalist, and currently works as a copywriter. Jeannine has over 30 years' experience in the permaculture field and her first publication, South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide was shortlisted for the Reach/ Sunday Tribune Publishers Award in 2006.

Jeannine is working on a series of new books that will be released over the coming months and years.

Books by Cool Media