Christopher Fehr

United States

I was born in Allentown PA with a delivery assisted by nuns. Then I went to High School across the street and stared over at the hospital all day thinking about how 18 years had gone by and all I did was cross the street. So I moved to Virginia to go to college, but they kept calling me a Yankee and my feet kept getting too hot. I worked for several years in the rent to own industry as a repo-man and store manager. I met my wife and took her out on a boat for our first date. I proposed to her on the front lawn of her parent's home while her mother stared from the door. We rented a moving truck and moved to North Dakota. I have worked at a bank nearly the whole time along with writing my book: When The Repo Man Comes Knocking (The First Time) It is a short finished product that I think the world will enjoy as it eventually becomes a cult classic... I hope. I wanted to get it out there so I decided to utilize a format I'd heard of where you can publish your book in stages. This is stage

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