Carol Milne


Carol Milne received a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph, Canada in 1985, but realized in her senior year that she was more interested in sculpture than landscape. She has been working as a sculptor ever since.

After casting iron around glass in grad school, she experimented with many media. Her work has included: public art in clay, bronze, concrete, glass and mosaic; decorating large fiberglass pigs, ponies and nutcrackers for Seattle fundraising events; casting bronze buttons, knobs and jewelry; and constructing concrete monsters.

In 2000 she seriously returned to glass and has been working primarily with glass ever since. She is persistent, tenacious and fascinated by the technical challenges of glass casting. A relentless experimenter, she pushes the limits of her material. Her knitted work is technically complicated and unlike any cast glass work being done today.

Books by Carol Milne