Bruce Stewart

Surprise, Arizona, USA

I was born. Grew up on a dairy farm in Northern Illinois with a Dog Nanny called Speeder. He followed me, did what I did, (including climbing ladders & trees), took care of me and reported constantly to my secondary caregiver, my mother.
I spent four years in the Air Force, learning to fly fighter aircraft, propeller and jet driven.
Married fifty-nine years, have nine children and sixteen grandchildren.
Was a research chemist for Nalco, Chicago, IL and Pierce Organics, Rockford, IL. Masters from U. of Chicago.
A licensed Electrical Contractor and Real Estate Agent in California.
Retired from the City of Redlands, CA, as a Senior Seismic Plans Examiner in 1992.
Am currently living in a RV community, in Surprise, AZ. Summers are spent in the White Mountains of Arizona in another RV community in Show Low.
I have self published my family genealogy book, not because Blurb was uncooperative, the Smart Book software is not equipped to handle the format size, # of pages & graphics I needed.

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