Bassem H. Boustany


Bassem Boustany is an Architect and a passionate photographer whose journey began in his teenage years, inspired by friends who shared his interest in capturing moments. His architectural studies further fueled his artistic vision, leading him to explore the interplay of light, form, and space. Bassem's first exhibition was a pivotal moment, solidifying his commitment to photography. He has since delved into various genres, with a particular affinity for landscape and street photography, where he finds beauty in the ordinary and captures fleeting moments amidst the chaos. Both Impressionist painters and renowned photographers influenced Bassem's work, and he approaches his craft with a blend of technical skill, artistic vision, and a perpetual curiosity about the world. He continues to work on new projects, including exhibitions and books, while encouraging aspiring photographers to develop their unique style and embrace the art and skill of photography.

Books by Bassem H. Boustany