Andrew Alan Matthews


Andrew Alan Matthews a Manchester based Artist was employed in the textile design industry reproducing accurate, fine quality, hand painted Artwork for many years. He reproduced Artwork for all the leading textile companies in the UK. He then undertook a B.A.Hons Textile Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University graduating in 1999. He has produced many design pieces inspired by flora and fauna throughout his career and has widened his knowledge in other areas. His subject matter is varied and he has produced watercolours, Gouache, Acrylic and mixed media Artworks over many years which have shown his virtuosity in differing styles.
He has produced Children’s illustrated books which have been inspired by his daughter’s love of reading and was determined to produce them for her education and enjoyment. Andrew has produced commissioned Artworks of Still Life, Landscapes, Portraits and has sold artwork to companies and private collectors,

Books by Andrew Alan Matthews