Ivan McLellan

Ashburton, New Zealand

Ivan McLellan entered Professional Photography by buying in 1962 a Photo Studio in Pukekohe called Thorpe Studios from the previous owner Elgar Hinton who was a Past President and Life Member of the Professional Photographers Association.

He joined the NZPPA in 1963, became secretary of the Auckland region in 1964-65 Chairman of the Auckland region in 1966, was aware of how little he knew of Professional Photography so started running education courses for people in the same situation by bringing in to a central area Fellows of the Association.

Was elected to the position of Education Chairman for the NZPPA in 1968 and started bringing in speakers from America to improve the standard of wedding and portrait photography in New Zealand.

Was one of the first wedding and portrait photographers in New Zealand to switch to full colour and with the New Zealand labs.....

Books by Ivan McLellan