John Hall Venice Pre-University Course

London and Venice


Put simply, the Course is a nine-week introduction to some of the most thought-provoking achievements in the Western world, from the Classical Past to Today. Conducted through on-site visits and a series of lectures by a team of world-class experts chosen for their charisma and ability to communicate, the Course includes not only Art - painting, sculpture and architecture, but also music, world cinema, some global issues, literature, history. It is an exciting and enriching experience for everyone.

Additionally, we offer brilliant practical classes in studio life drawing and portraiture, photography, cookery and Italian language.

The Course was started in 1965 by John Hall in the context of the English educational system, where it is common for students to take a Gap Year before starting university. Going to Italy after leaving school is a tradition established centuries ago and is as alive and relevant as ever.

Areas of Expertise

The long-term aim of the Course is to lay cultural foundations - a life-long investment which we believe has a more lasting and increasing value than many gap-year experiences.

More immediately and materially, in the question of university entrance, the Course is highly regarded in many university departments. Nothing in the Course is dumbed-down and our programme gives students a pre-view of a university as opposed to a school style of studying.

Books by John Hall Venice Pre-University Course