Vernon Rodrigues

Castro Valley, California, USA

About the Author...
Vernon Rodrigues, a native of California, was born and raised in Oakland. He has spent all his entire life living in the Bay Area and has lived in Castro Valley, California for the past 43 years.

As a young man during WW II he served in the US Army and was stationed in Alaska. This is where the inspiration came for his latest story “A Strange Victory”.

His stories “Manny Bordeaux” and “The Party On Joy Street” come out of a time when life for him was full of friends and fun.

Vernon is now 88 years old and is happy to be able share these writings with you. He hopes that you will enjoy reading these as much as he enjoyed writing them.

Vernon has also published
“The Raw & The Rough” and “South, Through The Painted Desert”
Two Stories by Vernon Rodrigues
and prior to this...
“The Fish Boats”

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