Carlos Simpson


Carlos Simpson is an entrepreneur, strategic graphic designer, artist, musician, and author based in London, United Kingdom. He graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in Graphic Design and completed a placement at Neville Brody's Research Studios in London. Since then, he has worked as a designer for several well-known brands, including Topman, Selfridges, Ted Baker, Ben Sherman, and Oxfam. In 2016, he founded Carlos Simpson Design Studio in London. Carlos's paintings have been purchased by notable businesspeople, including Sergio Marchionne.

As an author, Carlos is inspired by exploring new environments and cultures and finding ways to engage with his surroundings through authentic situations and conversations. He follows a ritual of improvising to better understand the human brain and the effect it has on individual lives, with the intention of exploring feelings, relationships, and daily situations and the magic touch of empathy.

Books by Carlos Simpson