Berlin, Germany

Ncube here.
I've got three babies, waiting for adoption!
If they could talk, they'd promise to be on their best behavior. I wanna believe that, and I hope you do too.
Please see what they're all about, spend a little time with them in the physical or in the e- for ethereal realm and perhaps, you can take them home today.

About (dreary) me... well, I not only write songs & books, I also make music videos, plays & films, short and long. Moreover, I sometimes act or model. Whatever role I play depends on the needs of the project and if I'm amply qualified! In short, I'm an Executive Producer type. A servant to a very good idea.
Like these books, these babes were the best ideas!
I do hope you see the World together.
Without your adoption I wouldn't be able to pay my Bills, let alone visit my country of birth: Zimbabwe, with gifts for everyone!
Take one, take them all! Depends on how deep your curiosity is! Yes.

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