Geerte Kepa


Geerte Kepa is a conlang creator and expert in spiritual and mystical studies, most notable for his innovative creation of the Hanawan language. His groundbreaking work extends to the "Gatekeeper's Ladder," where he has applied his self-taught expertise and profound insights. Geerte Kepa's approach to esoteric knowledge, shaped by personal exploration and devoid of traditional academic training, grants him a unique, unbiased perspective in his field. His dedication is particularly evident in his development of Hanawan, a conlang designed to express complex spiritual concepts and rituals. This creation demonstrates his linguistic creativity and deepens the mystical practices of Gatekeepers. Kepa's writings, encompassing "The Gatekeeper's Ladder" and "The Hanawan Language," reflect his deep understanding of ancient wisdom, modern interpretations, and personal experiences.

Books by Geerte Kepa