Lee Fennings

United Kingdom

Born in 1971, Lee’s travels have seen him visiting almost every continent, with the exception of Australia, and spent nearly five years living and working in Spain, eventually returning to the UK where he began to develop a promising career in financial regulation. However, plagued with mental health issues and a tempestuous relationship with alcohol, Lee eventually fell afoul of the law, thus bringing his career to an abrupt halt. In October of 2014, Lee made the life-changing decision to stop drinking alcohol…forever.

He soon reconnected with his lifelong interest in photography and in December 2015 Lee published his first street photography book, Pulse, with all profits donated to the mental health charity, Mind. One year later he published Being Human, questioning our own human characteristics and the meaning of being human.

Lee's latest endeavour took him to Nepal. His charitable book, A Peace Of Nepal, documents his incredible experience using his passion for photography.

Books by Lee Fennings