Kari Olson

New Lisbon, Wi , USA

As a child i loved to draw animals. After I bought my first Norwegian Elkhound, of course, I drew mostly elkhounds, although I do other dogs and animals too. My favorite media now is pen and ink, and I like to render them in color, with art markers or colored pencils. .
One children's book is "The Shoe Sitter"... i dreamed about this book for years before i finally put it together... Shoe Sitter was a derogatory name for a Norwegian Elkhound who wouldnt leave his owner's side to hunt. Its about a little boy who was bullied and how he over came it with his beloved elkhound puppy Vidar. With all of the bullying that has had such horrible effects on children lately, this is a story of empowerment and success.

I am now working on "The Dogs in my Life", an autobiography follow up of My Life with Cats for my granddaughter.

Books by Kari Olson