Joanna Casey

Cheltenham, UK

Joanna Casey was born in London and has lived in several countries including Italy, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.

She has taken photographs all her life, but a focus on documenting the world around her, whether it be political, social or environmental, is a relatively recent obsession which began by joining the Street Photography Now Project on Flickr. Usually taken on walks around wherever she happens to find herself, she takes pleasure in capturing the details that make up everyday life. She is particularly drawn to photographing dogs, cats and birds on the street, as well as abandoned objects and litter.

Street photography is about a walk, a journey, or just staying still somewhere with a camera. Dogs, cats, birds, shadows, discarded items, and people are all part of the continuously playing theatre that populate that experience.  The camera acts like a visual notebook recording unique moments of life in a fraction of a second.

Books by Joanna Casey