Jason Kinte

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"My First Poetry Book" is the first poetry book Jason ever wrote while he was in elementary school in the 1990s. He re-released it in 2011 in time for Christmas orders with some new bonus content just for you! The questions to conduct a "Video Family Tree Exercise" are included. A Video Family Tree is something Jason thought of doing in 1999 with about 20 of his extended family members when they got together for a holiday. He filmed them all answering the same questions. Soon after, his uncle passed away, but Jason had him filmed already communicating important information to his family's future generations. So the ideas Jason has in this book are priceless, as no amount of money can bring someone you love back from the dead. Most video cameras cost around $1000 in 1999. Now many get them free on their phone and they have yet to conduct a Video Family Tree. Order "My First Poetry Book" immediately and get the family together for this exercise while your loved ones are alive and well!

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