Rick Schmidt

Santa Fe, NM USA

Rick Schmidt has been creating films since the seventies and "Sticky Wicket" is his 26th feature. His films have been screened in film festivals around the world, including Sundance's Dramatic Competition (Grand Jury Prize nomination), Slamdance, Rotterdam, Berlin International, New Directors/New Films, the Museum of Modern Art (NY), and has received critical praise from top film critics. Schmidt is also author of "Feature Filmmaking at Used Car Prices" which is considered "The Bible" of fledgling filmmakers and has been credited with influencing filmmakers Kevin Smith, Vin Diesel, Tom DiCillo and others. His "Extreme DV" (Penguin/Random House Books, 2004) is for the digital filmmaker who has an improv story to tell. Since 1995 his "Feature "Workshops" have helped dozens of aspiring filmmakers to make their first feature film, and their "Chetzemoka's Curse" has been certified Dogme #10 by internationally acclaimed Dogme 95 filmmakers Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg.

Books by Rick Schmidt