Integral Leaders in Health

Greenville, SC, USA

Integral Leaders in Health is a public-benefit corporation (PBC) created by healthcare leaders to address South Carolina's Medical Care Crisis.

​We advocate for positive social impact and progressive replacement of patient well-being as the primary purpose of our medical care system.

Our vision is to establish a balanced health environment that supports patient well-being rooted in the doctor-patient relationship. Our mission is to lead the direction of medicine to where patient well-being (the shared goals of a patient and their doctor) is the priority. Everything else is subordinate.

Areas of Expertise

medicine | medical care | leadership | leadership development | organizational strategy | strategic communication | healthcare | research | education | medical education | medical consulting | change management | patient advocacy | physician autonomy


⇢ Speaking engagements
⇢ Seminars & workshops
⇢ Advisory/consulting
⇢ Endorsement & referrals
⇢ Publishing & research on medical care environment
⇢ Curriculum redesign

Professional Affiliations


⇢ Physician groups
⇢ Health systems
⇢ Payor groups
⇢ Universities
⇢ Industry innovators
⇢ Community leaders

Books by Integral Leaders in Health