David Engstrom

Copenhagen, Denmark

I hold a PhD from UCHSC in neuropharmacology. Since 1991 I have worked with the eminent scientist Prof. J. A. Scott Kelso to develop conceptual links between coordination dynamics and complementary pairs. We co-wrote "The Complementary Nature" on this subject (MIT Press, 2006). This book grounds the philosophy of complementary pairs in the science of coordination dynamics, and introduces the squiggle (~) as a useful symbol~dynamic of complementary pairs, reminiscent of both discrete waves and yin~yang. Throughout my long collaboration with Prof. Kelso, I have been applying the philosophy~science described in TCN to my artwork. The artwork of The DOC has been directly influenced by coordination dynamics, and it plays a key role in its story. The DOC is unique in its treatment of the artist~artwork as a complementary pair, whose multifunctional~metastable aesthetic is inspired, produced, enjoyed, comprehended and even criticised via its multifunctional~metastable Coordination Dynamics.

Books by David Engstrom