Lawrence G. Desmond

California and Switzerland

Lawrence G. Desmond received a PhD in anthropology and archaeology from the University of Colorado-Boulder; an MA in anthropology from the Universidad de las Americas in Cholula, Mexico, and carried-out archaeological research in Mexico and Guatemala for more than 40 years. He taught at the University of Minnesota and San Francisco State University. His books, "A Dream of Maya" and "Yucatán through her eyes," are about the 1870s photography and studies of the ancient Maya by Alice and Augustus Le Plongeon. His photos of Mexico and Guatemala are at Harvard University's Peabody Museum, photos of the Moses Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project are at the Getty Research Institute, archaeology project photos and research materials at Tulane University, earliest photos at the Bancroft Library at UC-Berkeley. He is a senior research fellow in archaeology with the MMARP at Harvard University, and a research associate with the Dept. of Anthropology at the California Academy of Sciences.

Books by Lawrence G. Desmond