Andrew Benson Greene Jr

Freetown, Sierra Leone

As a writer and an artist, Andrew infuses in his work creativity and innovation to help solve some of the world's greatest problems. He was a Hive Global Leader in San Francisco 2015, MIT Media Lab Build Peace via Technology Fellow in Boston 2014, a UN ITU Telecom World Young Digital Innovation Fellow in Geneva 2011, World Bank World Ethics Forum Fellow at Oxford University UK 2006, Jeanne Sauvé Scholar at McGill University in Canada in 2004. He was on the shortlist of Stanford University Reuters Digital Vision's fellows 2014. He received the Cable and Wireless Childnet Awards at the Science Museum in London 2003, commended at the Bremen Peace Awards by the Threshold Foundation in Germany in 2003. A UN WSIS fellow in Geneva 2003. His projects have touched the hearts of so many people and has been considered by the UN as a model in other countries affected by conflicts. Andrew has traveled extensively to share his vision of using ICT for peace amongst children and war-scarred youth.

Books by Andrew Benson Greene Jr