Bill Chambers


I have been a human rights activist for over fifty years from the anti-racism and anti-war movements to the struggle for a united Ireland and a free Palestine. I have been a more serious photographer and poet for the last ten years or so. I'm married to Elaine - an artist, psychotherapist, and my love and life inspiration. Two of her paintings are in "Huwarra Watercolors". It's very very difficult to get books of political poetry published - especially those that support a free Palestine. Just had to do it myself.

Huwarra Watercolors is a book of poetry, photographs, and paintings that cover four different trips that I took to Palestine - a place of great beauty, hospitality, and military occupation. Huwarra Watercolors describes my experience of leaving home, entering Palestine, and returning home to a world that had a very different view of my support for the Palestinian people. Second Edition – 2022 Community Road Publishing

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