ALAN MAPLES Photography

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Alan Maples is an artist who creates fine art photography. He retired from a career as an architect specializing in highly technical research facilities, and now enjoys the creative freedom of photography, where the only constraints are light and time.

Since 2000, Alan has developed his photography through intensive study, experimentation, workshops and photo expeditions. His work has included architectural photography, travel photography, and environmental portraiture. However his long term focus continues to be fine art landscape photography. His mission is to capture and express the fragile beauty of our natural environment, to remind us of its value and to encourage its preservation.

Alan lives in British Columbia, Canada, and photographs locally in the rugged mountains and coast of the Pacific Northwest. He combines his photography with travel, motorcycling, bicycling, and hiking. He shares his work through exhibitions at community art galleries.

Areas of Expertise

Fine art photography, architectural photography, environmental portraiture, travel photography.

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