Jimmy Wenger

NK, Pa. 15068

I am a very curious person, I tend to stick my head into the wrong place. That's probably why they picked me. I have seen and been around UFOs all my life. What I mean about that, when I was a 6yr old kid, I used to live next door to a huge Research Laboratory Facility. I would ride my bicycle around the Police Escorted, Army Flat bedTrucks that were delivering the UFO sitting on their trailers. I even saw an Orange acorn style UFO on a trailer. There were a lot of them going in and out of that facility. I saw a lot of UFOs flying over the Research Laboratory Facility.
50 years later, My girlfriend died, I pushed myself to go and find her in heaven,with Astral Projection, were my soul can leave my body and search for her.

Later I figure out a crude way to take a picture of the UFO that followed me around. The Aliens showed me a better way. I wonder what they have in store for my next adventure?

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