XEREM Cultural Association


XEREM is a cultural association which aims to: organize, develop, implement and disseminate cultural,multidisciplinary and intercultural projects within the social, artistic, educational field.
It aims to promote activities locally, nationally and internationally, collaborating with public and private institutions, involving artists and diverse communities, with the following aims: Consulting, curating and agency in the field of visual arts and performing, cinema and audiovisual among other intersections of art; Promotion of social action through art, in particular interventions within the public space; Production and dissemination of contemporary artistic creation in a multidisciplinary perspective; Conducting workshops, seminars, educational and therapeutic in the context of formal education; Vocational training in partnership with entities of different nature; Creation of Residences and creative networking platforms; Publishing and distribution of artworks and books.

Areas of Expertise

Art, Art Education, Artistic Residencies, Curatorship, Workshops. Artists Books

Professional Affiliations

XEREM is a member of TRIANGLE NETWORK and Anna Lindt Foundation.

Books by XEREM Cultural Association