Gaynor Perry

London, UK

In my creative work I am immersed in portraying the truth. What the truth is, what it is composed of and how to perceive it, are central to my themes.

I believe that to discern the precinct of truth, it is essential to nurture a fluent dialogue with the subconscious. By developing a keen awareness of intuitive feelings, a curiosity and belief in the imagery and sensory episodes delivered in the dream state, one can discover an authentic affinity with the world.

The audio visual aspects of my work can be viewed at:

"I love the way your figures seem to appear out of nowhere. They emerge like our deepest fears and most intense longings from the evocative backgrounds of abstraction. These mythological figures remind me of archetypes and Freudian thought. Each of your works are compelling and provoke us to encounter our subconscious in a direct manner."

Abraham Lubelski, Publisher, NY Arts Magazine

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