Mike Shepherd


I left Art College for a career in advertising as an Art Director. One day a photographer I worked with mentioned he needed a model building for an album cover shoot. This was to be the beginning of my model making, set building, and special effects career. Clients included Paul McCartney, 10cc, Smirnoff, JCB and Dupont. A favourite was Playdoh modelling for Hasbro, who also asked me to design and produce a sculpture for the 'Save the Children Festival of Trees' in London.' It auctioned for a record sum.
Other ventures include a series of children's books about the Robot Tubby Tin. I have had various exhibitions of paintings and sculpture. And now the age of the computer has provided even more diversions, with film and photography. Combining these with travel, is now my main focus, although I still work on all aspects of advertising and design. Recently I was asked if I would like to carve a set of marionettes. Sounded fun, so I said "yes".

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