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Since we produced the first Leica User Forum Book, back in 2010, we have raised over £25,000 for the international fundraising charity “Worldwide Cancer Research”. With this, the fourth volume, we are raising further funds for their work, supporting cancer research around the world.

This year, there are 105 photographs, chosen by sixty of the people who made the original entries for consideration, all of whom are members of the Leica User Forum. Once again some sixty members have their work included within the book.

All of the photographs have been taken with Leica cameras or lenses (or both) and are a mixture of film and digital media.

Once again, I have to thank all the members who have so generously supported this project and those from previous years. We have helped a lot of people with our work here, through our contributions, time spent judging and through the book purchases

I hope that you enjoy viewing this excellent collection of work.

Thank you

Andy Barton
May 2018

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