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Print and ebooks made easy

Print and ebooks made easy

You can easily publish a print and ebook from the same file.

  • Make an ebook for Apple iPad® and Amazon Kindle®
  • For print books, choose from three affordable trade book sizes
  • Distribute your novel or poetry book through Ingram, which has access to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and 39,000 retailers
  • Print 1 or 1,000
    Print one novel at a time or print in volume with offset for deeper discounts and a lower per unit cost.
  • Sell your book
    Sell your print book through Blurb, on Amazon, or using Ingram’s distribution to over 39,000 retailers.
  • Hire an expert
    Are you a writer in need of a cover artist? Our Blurb-vetted professionals on the Dream Team can help.

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Blurb BookWright - Novels and Poetry


Lay out any text file onto the pages of a book to publish both a print and ebook from the same file.

  • Publish a print book, magazine, or ebook
  • Use any of your fonts in your print book; ebook-friendly fonts are already installed
  • Make different cover art for the ebook and print editions, or use the same cover for both

Step-by-step ebook guide

  • PDF to Book
    PDF to Book
    Already have your novel in PDF format? Use our specifications calculator to fine-tune your PDF to any print size. Then simply upload and order your book.
  • Adobe InDesign Plug-In
    Adobe InDesign Plug-In
    Already use Adobe® InDesign®? Install our plug-in to automatically create Blurb-ready blank templates. You can even upload your project to Blurb without leaving InDesign.

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Get inspired

  • Maps and Poems - Tessa West
    Maps and Poems
    By Tessa West
    Trade Book (15×23 cm)
    Tool used: PDF Uploader
    West used the economical trade book format for this collaboration project. The format and size are perfect to feature maps and poems, and to make it affordable for others to buy.
    Trade Books start at
  • Discarded - Carla Bayley
    By Carla Bayley
    Trade Book (15×23 cm)
    Tool used: PDF Uploader
    Bayley wanted a traditional book size for her novel, which is why she chose our trade book format. In turn, she also made the book very affordable and accessible to her readers.
    Trade Books start at
  • Not Birdwatching - Harry Saddler
    Essay Collection
    Not Birdwatching
    By Harry Saddler
    Ebook, Trade Book (13×20 cm)
    Tool used: BookWright
    Joint winner of the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival/Blurb 'Blog-to-Book' Challenge, Saddler published his book as both a print and ebook, allowing for the widest distribution possible.
    Trade Books start at

"I wrote the book for love, so I could help other people."

– Rich DeSalvo

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